Injured Hooded Warbler Treated at Flint Creek Wildlife

As many of you know, Flint Creek Wildlife operates rescue and recovery teams that pick up injured birds that collide with windows in downtown Chicago. These teams of trained volunteers leave the comfort of their homes and beds early in the morning to save the lives of birds.

It was Saturday morning when numerous volunteers patrolled downtown looking for injured birds. One of the teams had a particularly special find – a female Hooded Warbler – a first at Flint Creek Wildlife.

We are happy to report that the Hooded Warbler, like 90% of the live birds that our rescue and recovery team bring to Northerly Island for treatment, made a full recovery and was released!

We didn’t want to stress the bird by taking his picture, but the below link contains an excellent photo of a female Hooded Warbler.

For information on how to help us save the lives of birds, please visit our website at


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