We provide medical care, food and housing to injured and orphaned wildlife with the goal of returning fully-rehabilitated wildlife back to its natural habitat. Whether the animal you found is a critically injured raptor, a small baby squirrel with no fur, a baby songbird or a coyote with a broken leg, we have the experience and facilities to deal with your animal. Our facilities are equipped with an array of medical equipment and supplies such as IV equipment, incubators, nebulizers and diagnostic equipment, that allow us to immediately address injuries and diseases. Further, we have the support of some leading veterinarians and veterinary specialists including our main veterinarian Dr. Peter Sakas.

When we accept an animal into care, we have made a commitment to the animal and to you, its rescuer. These commitments are reflected in our basic tenets:

  • We are committed to providing the best possible care to each animal that enters our facilities
  • Care is provided 24/7, which is the only way to provide the best care to neonates and critically-ill patients
  • Animals that can survive and become releasable are treated regardless of the resources required to provide care

Not only are we prepared to address the animal's medical needs, but we are also able to recondition and reacclimate that animal in preparation for its eventual release. As part of a complete rehabilitation service, we have outdoor enclosures of various sizes, up to 100' long, that allow the animal to exercise and recondition its muscles. These cages are nestled in a quiet and very private setting that provides them a virtually stress-free environment to help complete their journey back to freedom.