Meet Our New Location

Introducing Our New Site to Help More Animals

Flint Creek Wildlife 2.0 - Meet Our New Location

We are excited to announce our new Barrington location. Follow our progress here as we work on the new location in preparation for moving our operations there.

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation is moving to a new location in Barrington! This represents the most exciting and pivotal news for our organization since we opened just over 17 years ago.

For 17 years, Flint Creek’s Barrington facility has operated on the personal property and out of the personal residence of our Founder and Director. Dawn’s intention when she started Flint Creek over 17 years ago was to move offsite as soon as funding allowed, but funding was never sufficient - barely covering basic operational costs with nothing left to purchase a facility.

Although the current location is on a private and scenic 8 acre parcel and we have plenty of outdoor space and beautiful outdoor enclosures, we are space constrained from an indoor perspective and our clinic - although extremely beautiful and very well equipped - is not as large as we need in order to accommodate the ever increasing demand on our organization. We have been unable to bring on enough volunteers since the clinic is part of Dawn and Phil’s home and all nighttime animal care, including those around-the-clock baby mammal feedings and all critical care, has rested solely with Dawn for over 15 years. Further, it is impossible for us to succession plan in order to ensure the organization’s long-term survival without moving off of our Founder’s personal property.

The new location is on just over 10 acres with an approximately 2 acre pond and over 11,000 ft.² under roof including two large barns. The current condition of the buildings necessitates that we complete a great deal of work in preparation for moving animals and operations there. We will be launching a series of fundraisers including the first one which will launch on Giving Tuesday. Your support is essential during this critical time as we execute this strategy that will position Flint Creek for long-term survival.



New Location Updates

Check back here for updates on our new location!

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