Ferruginous Hawk Recovered from Plow of Freight Train

The cover of today’s Chicago Sun-Times featured a story on a Ferruginous Hawk that Flint Creek Wildlife recovered from the plow of a Canadian Pacific freight train in August. Journey, as the hawk is now known, demonstrated amazing will to live through the 1,000+ mile journey as it was wedged in a contorted position throughout his ordeal.

Thanks to the workers at the Canadian Pacific for noticing the bird’s tail hanging down from the front of the train as it arrived at the Franklin Park rail yard long after dark. After realizing that the bird was still alive, the workers located Flint Creek Wildlife and called us after 11:00 pm. We arrived at the rail yard just after midnight and extricated the bird from the train’s plow.

Thanks to Mitch Dudek, Tom Cruze and the Chicago Sun-Times staff for their amazing coverage of this brave bird!

Dawn Keller

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