Illinois Storm Warning

Last night brought signficant heavy, wet snow to northern Illinois. If you live in that area, please be aware that any nests might have been compromised. If you know of an active nest in your yard or area, please check to see if the nest was destroyed in last night’s storm and, if so, check for any babies in distress. Particularly susceptible in Illinois right now are Grey Squirrels, Fox Squirrels and Great Horned Owls.

If you find a hypothermic (low body temperature) baby, immediately bring it inside and place it in warm bedding. Do not initially give the baby any supplemental head like a hot water bottle or heating pad as heating the baby too quickly could result in death. Do not feed or give water to the baby. Call a licensed rehabilitator in your area for further instructions. A full list of Illinois rehabilitators is on our website under the links section. ( You may reach us at 847/842-8000.

Adults are also getting in to trouble today. Most susceptible will be migrants who aren’t normally accustomed to dealing with this type of weather.

Thank you for helping us Save Lives,


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