Heavy Migration Day – Over 100 Birds Recovered

Rescue efforts started early this morning. Teams swept through the loop recovering birds that collided with the skyscrapers as they made their migration south for the winter. The birds found alive on the street were treated at our Northerly Island Facility in downtown Chicago and over 90% were released back into the wild.

This facility is a life saver for the birds. Head Trauma is a time sensitive injury and the close proximity of the treatment center to where they collide allows for quicker treatment. The ability to quickly treat the injured birds improves the survival rate from the mid 70s to 90% when compared to treating at suburban facilities.

If you find an injured bird please place the injured bird in a paper bag or box and cover the box. Place the bag or box in a quiet, dark place and leave the bird alone. It is important that you minimize any interaction with the bird in order to reduce the bird’s stress and, therefore, to improve the probability of it being successfully returned to the wild.

Do NOT feed or give water to an injured bird unless you have been directed to do so by a member of our staff. Improperly feeding an animal can cause significant harm up to and including death. In a majority of cases, animals that arrive at Flint Creek Wildlife after a member of the public has attempted to feed them have significant problems despite the public’s good intentions.

Call us at (847) 842-8000. Please remember when you call us that we may not answer the phone since we are often busy taking care of other animals, but please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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