Volo and the Furries at Midwest FurFest 2007

Our first day at the FurFest convention was fabulous! Some of you may already know that FurFest asked Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation to be their featured charity at this year’s convention (twist my arm) and we were thrilled.

FurFest has quite a few attendees that arrive in costume. These are furry costumes – like full head to toe costumes.

Volo eyed his competition up and down – never missing a thing. He saw people-size raccoons, tarantulas, house cats, dogs, wolves, foxes and even a bull. He wasn’t sure what to make of these huge animals and the fact that they spoke like humans seemed even more surprising. Volo took it all in and generally was accepting of his huge furry friends.

Volo’s anxious to get back to FurFest again today….he’ll be leaving soon.


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