Skunks and More Melodrama

Any of you following this blog know about the flooding this weekend at our newest facility in Itasca. First, let me say that the rains stopped yesterday afternoon and the water stopped rising. We were finally confident that the Itasca building would not go under water. Knowing that all animals once in outside caging were safe and secure inside the building, we finally left.

After 32 hours at Itasca, I was anxious to clean myself up before assuming the requisite care of the animals at our Barrington location. I was home for less than an hour when both of my dogs were sprayed by a skunk – right in the face. Bishop was sprayed in the eyes and over the face. Marley appeared to have eaten most of the spray. Bishop started rubbing the lovely skunk oil on my family room rug. Marley was foaming at the mouth and trying to spit out the skunk oil, shaking his head and sending the drool/skunk mix spraying in every direction.

My husband quickly called an after-hours vet who advised to use the following mixture:

1 Qt. hydrogen peroxide (3%)
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp. mild dish detergent

This mixture must be mixed in an open container since it would explode in a closed container. The mixture is caustic and must not be used in the eyes or mouth. Wear rubber gloves while working with this solution. Apply to the pet’s fur (preferably before the skunk oil dries!) and leave on for ten – fifteen minutes, then rinse in lukewarm water.

For the eyes and mouth we were told simply to flush the eyes with sterile eye wash and rinse the mouth with normal water.

This did the trick – the skunk smell is gone.

They say that things come in threes….what do you suppose is next?

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