Let the Rut Begin

Warning to all drivers – watch out for those White-tailed Deer. You see, White-tailed Deer are now in rut. Rut, which is triggered by shorter photoperiod days, is mating season and that means that bucks only have one thing on their minds! They aren’t watching for your car headlights, but rather they are in pursuit of a doe and thinking of little else!

Rut, in addition to corresponding to mating season, also corresponds to a large number of automobile/deer collisions. Not only are bucks pursuing does at all costs, but many of you are commuting home from work after dark. These two factors form a deadly combination.

Please be extra careful when driving. Drive slowly and follow safe driving practices like scanning the road ahead. If you see one deer cross the road in front of you, please assume that there could be more to follow….

If you are unfortunate enough to hit a deer, it is your obligation to report it to the police just as you would with any vehicular accident. Sadly, a majority of White-tailed Deer injured in vehicular accidents must be euthanized due to the nature of their injuries. If a deer is injured, you may contact us or refer your law enforcement office to us for an injury assessment.

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