Great Horned Owl Caught in Soccer Net Released

The Great Horned Owl recovered from a soccer net Tuesday night (blog posting Owls Don’t Play Soccer) was released last night. He flew strong and is hopefully now – once again – hunting to help provide food for his mate and owlets. This is the worst time of year to get in an injured Great Horned Owl since their babies have recently hatched, so we wanted to get this bird back to his home as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, he didn’t sustain any injuries as a result of his run-in with a soccer net while he was catching his cottontail dinner. Others admitted to Flint Creek Wildlife have not all been so lucky. As a reminder, don’t leave your soccer nets up at night!

Back to the owl, since I was releasing him at 1:00 am, I notified the police of my presence and mission. I figured that neighbors might get nervous seeing a car hanging out at that hour….


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