Flint Creek Wildlife Finds Permanent Home for Two Non-releasable American Kestrels

We are thrilled to report that our two non-releasable American Kestrels have found a permanent home as educational animals with a great facility in North Carolina. This N.C. facility is licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to have a male and female Kestrel for educational purposes.

The male and female Kestrel that we are placing both suffered from dislocated wrists. The male Kestrel arrived at Flint Creek Wildlife as an adult. Although he is flight-capable, he cannot fly well enough to catch prey necessary to survive in the wild. The female is not flight capable although she is cosmetically perfect.

Both birds have wonderful dispositions for education and will be used “on the glove” in educational programs.

The birds are being picked up at Flint Creek on September 19th after which they will begin their new lives.

We wish them good luck.


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