FCWR in the news – Daily Herald article

Today’s Daily Herald includes an article about Justice, the Great Horned Owl that is currently being treated at Flint Creek Wildlife’s Barrington facility. Kane County Animal Control brought Justice to Flint Creek Wildlife in April after he fell into a window well at the Kane County Courthouse and broke his humerus (a bone in his wing). Dr. Peter Sakas of Niles Animal Hospital, who is an amazingly gifted veterinarian, performed the surgery on Justice which required the insertion of a pin to stabilize the bone. The fracture was such that Justice’s wing lost some length. We are not yet sure whether Justice will adapt to his slightly shorter wing and learn to fly well enough to survive in the wild. We will evaluate him further after he spends time in a flight chamber. Rescued owl still taking baby steps – “Jury still out” on chances he’ll survive in the wild.

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