Coyote Returns to the Wild

Well, you’ve probably already heard that the Quizno’s coyote is back in the wild after his wild ride in the loop. The coyote had been captured on Tuesday after he wandered into downtown Chicago and ended up in the beverage cooler at a Quizno’s. We speculate that the coyote, a young male (about 1 year old) was leaving his family and moving off to establish his own territory. He probably went the wrong direction and panicked after ending up on the congested streets of Chicago. Wandering aimlessly and unable to find his way out of the city, he saw an ajar door and thought it might be his way out! After going through the door, he realized that he was in an even more confined space and tried to jump the counter to escape. Sadly, he hit the counter and fell back into the beverage cooler where he remained until Chicago Animal Control removed him.

Chicago Animal Control called Flint Creek Wildlife on Tuesday following their capture of the now-famous coyote. We picked up the coyote from Animal Control yesterday amid a flurry of cameras, microphones and inquiring minds.

We took the coyote back to our Barrington location with reporters and videographers following. They filmed us removing the coyote from the vehicle and then went over to one of my personal favorite burger joints – Wool Street – where they waited for the verdict….would or would not the coyote be released. Finally, about an hour later, we called our friends at Wool Street to give them the news – the coyote would be released! Although the coyote had sustained some minor abrasions during his failed attempt to jump the counter, none of them were serious enough to require ongoing care.

Entourage in tow, we left our Barrington facility to head for privately-owned land in northwestern Cook County. As soon as we removed the top of the carrier the coyote leapt out and ran for freedom, never looking back. His return to freedom was a beautiful sight.

Good luck, Adrian.

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