A Morning with Mayor Daley

We were honored that Mayor Daley spent time at our Northerly Island facility this morning. We appreciate his and his department’s ongoing support. Without support from the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, we wouldn’t be able to save the lives of so many birds in City. Hats off to our talented and dedicated group of volunteers that rescue and recover birds that strike buildings in the City and our amazing triage staff who quickly stabilize the birds, thus enabling us to Save Lives.

Mayor Daley and Dawn Keller discuss Flint Creek Wildlife’s Northerly Island bird hospital. Old Red, an educational Red-tailed Hawk that resides at our newest location in Itasca, is pictured in the foreground.
Mayor Daley watches as Dawn Keller feeds an injured Ruby-throated Hummingbird.
Mayor Daley observes as a fully-rehabilitated Cooper’s Hawk is readied for release back into the wild.
The recovered Cooper’s Hawk, which originally was picked up by Chicago Animal Control and transferred to Flint Creek Wildlife, just prior to flying off. The Cooper’s Hawk flew far north on the island and, on her maiden flight, caught what was probably a Red-winged Blackbird.
Mayor Daley dons a gauntlet (glove used in falconry) and offers Old Red some food as Commissioner Suzanne Malec-McKenna watches.
Old Red pauses after accepting food from Mayor Daley.
Mayor Daley offers food to our Eastern Screech Owl, Kotori. Kotori is one of 19 educational birds entrusted to Flint Creek Wildlife’s care. Kotori resides at our Barrington facility.

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