Rescue and Recovery

Only a few hours one morning each week for 10-12 weeks could save the lives of hundreds of birds!

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation operates rescue and recovery teams that patrol buildings in Chicago's downtown loop each morning during migration in order to save birds that strike buildings. These birds are transported to Flint Creek Wildlife's nearby Northerly Island location where they receive prompt medical care for treatment of their time-sensitive injuries.

Thousands of birds strike glass on Chicago's many buildings during their twice-yearly migration through the city. These stunned birds fall to the ground where they lie unconscious. Without intervention, they are stepped on by unaware pedestrians, eaten by hungry gulls or die a slow death without the benefit of medical treatment. These birds include many beautiful warblers, woodpeckers, thrushes and buntings, among others.

Since the 2007 migration season, over 90% of birds that are rescued and arrive alive at our Northerly Island facility each year recover and can be released back to the wild. Timely treatment is important to survival rates and our rescue teams ensure that birds are treated by our trained staff at Northerly Island where they have their best chance of survival.

Training will be provided. We are conducting New Volunteer Orientation sessions in late February and early March so please apply now and we will contact you with specific training dates!

If you are interested in volunteering, you may complete our on-line volunteer application form.

Thank you for your interest in helping Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation in our mission of Saving Lives.