Raptor Handling

In awe of Raptors? We are too! Raptor Handler Volunteers for Flint Creek Wildlife get some amazing opportunities to handle our magnificent education birds of prey on the glove at education programs. Education programs allow us to promote wildlife and habitat conservation issues that are critical to the future of native wildlife. We believe that we can advance and improve wildlife care and stewardship through continuing education. Becoming a Raptor Handler Volunteer allows you to participate in this rewarding education process.

Because we won't compromise on the safety for our birds or the safety of our volunteers, only persons who successfully complete our 10-week Raptor Internship, or who have experience handling with another organization and successfully demonstrate their skills, are eligible for this volunteer position.

To learn more about our Raptor Internship, visit the Training section of our website. If you already have training and experience in handling birds of prey on the glove and are interested in volunteering, then please complete our on-line volunteer application form.

Come join us in our mission of Saving Lives!