Support Us

Given that we admit more than 3,400 animals each year and receive no government funding, we rely on the support of people like you to accomplish our mission of Saving Lives. Our patients are either injured or our patients are orphaned. Either way, the cost of care is high. Our injured patients often require around-the-clock care to pull them through acute traumas and, with that, we need to purchase medical equipment, medicine and supplies such as syringes and vet wrap to effectuate that care and to give the animal the best possible outcome. Many orphaned animals require around-the-clock, rigorous feeding schedules and must be maintained in controlled temperature conditions since they cannot yet thermoregulate. Then there's the costs of things like food, caging, and communications with concerned people like you!

For anyone interested in learning more about our facilities or our process of rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, those details are contained througout our website so we won't belabor it again here. But we do want to ask you to consider those things when you bring us an animal - and when you don't. Financially supporting our work on an one-time or ongoing basis, as you are able, will ensure that we are here in 1, 5 or 10 years when YOU and the animal you found need our help.

Here are some ways you can help and remember that we are a 501(c)3, so your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under IRS regulations:

  • Cash donations to pay for operational expenses of caring for injured and orphaned wildlife as well as things like our telephone bills. This is most crucial to our continued work. You can also set up recurring donations. See the donation section for details of how to give.
  • Items from our wish list which can also be a great opportunity for your school or organization to collect items for us.
  • Estate planning - Please consider naming Flint Creek Wildlife in your trust or will.
  • In memorium donations - Should you be unfortunate enough to lose a loved one, please consider naming Flint Creek Wildlife for In Memorium Donations in lieu of flowers.
  • Sponsorship - Purchase an annual sponsorship.
  • Hire Flint Creek Wildlife for an education program. Program revenue is an important factor in paying our operating costs.
  • Name Flint Creek Wildlife as your GoodSearch charity.
  • Shop Amazon Smile ( and name Flint Creek Wildlife as your charity. We will receive a small percentage of your purchases at NO COST TO YOU. You get the same great Amazon experience you know and love.

Thank you again for supporting our work of Saving Lives. We couldn't do it without you!