February, 2012

Media Coverage

7 Feb 2012

Raptors work their magic during in-flight class

It was a cold day Jan. 21 following our 6-inch snowfall, but it was an awesome day at Flint Creek Savanna as Pat Winkleman, board member of Citizens for Conservation, and Dawn Keller, founder of Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, led an in-flight raptor class across the prairie and into the old oak savanna, where the 200-hundred-year-old trees are even more majestic up close, their bare branches silhouetted against the winter sky.
1 Feb 2012

Raptors greet visitors on Flink Creek walk

Article on Daily Herald
There were light winds when children and adults dressed for temperatures in the 20s, prepared to hike a one-mile trail at Citizens for Conservation-owned Flint Creek Savanna. They prepared to view various birds of prey in a natural setting as part of a Leave No Child Inside supported activity. Dawn Keller, president of Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, instructed everyone on how to behave when approaching each of the volunteers holding a live bird.